Lenercom Warranty and Service Conditions

1.Warranty Period

Lenercom provides quality assurance services that meet the scope and conditions of quality assurance for its LC-E2 series energy storage system products (hybrid inverter ("inverter") + battery module).

The inverter: 60 months(5 years)

The battery module: 120 months(10years)

Warranty commences from the 90th day from the date of the product shipment from

Lenercom Factory, or the installation date, whichever is earlier.

About refund: non-quality problems will not be returned, if there is a quality problem, the goods will be returned to our overseas warehouse, and the test will be confirmed as a quality problem within 7 days.

2.Warranty Conditions

LC-E2 series products purchased and installed through Lenercom or its authorized

partners, and operate according to the product manual can apply for repairment according

to the warranty terms. New, used or refurbished products purchased through any other

sources are not covered by this warranty.

3.Procedure for Claiming a Warranty

If the product fails to work, please send the "Customer Repair Registration Form" to

Lenercom by phone/fax/email or provide enough information to help the after-sales

service team complete the warranty repair.

To make a claim, the customer who applies for repair needs to provide the following

information and documentation of the faulty product:

1 Contact information of the customer: including name, company name, telephone

number, email, and contact address of purchase outlet;

2 Fault product information: including product model, serial number, installation date 2

and fault date (Provide photos whenever possible);

3 Photovoltaic installation information (if any): including the brand, model and


4 If possible, please provide LCD screen error information, additional fault/error

information, etc.;

5 Description of product performance before failure;

6 Provide product PN code.

If the product fails during the warranty period, Lenercom will deal with it in one of the

following ways:

◎Video technical support;

◎On-site maintenance by Lenercom or its authorized partner;

◎Return to Lenercom Repair Center for repair;

◎Replace it with a product with the latest firmware (if the original model has been

suspend production and out of stock, Lenercom reserve the right to provide products of

same value and functions for replacement).

Depending on the fault, Lenercom shall arranges video technical support or on-site

inspection to find out the cause of the fault. The customer who applies for repair is

responsible for environment safety of the site inspection for Lenercom technicians or the

authorized partners.

Technicians have the right to refuse to enter the site if it is unsafe for the operation.

The customer who applies for repair is responsible for inspection failures due to negligence

in terms of site access conditions, timing or safety.

Return shipment of the replaced product or parts must be in the original or equivalent

packaging. The replacement product will automatically inherit the remaining warranty

period of the replaced product. Before the freight party entrusted by Lenercom retrieves the

replaced product, the customer who applies for repair is responsible for keeping the

product properly, and the customer will be responsible for compensation for the replaced 3

product lost during this period.

Lenercom will provide aftersale respond within 72h.

4.Non-warranty liability

Warranties and services shall not apply in the following circumstances:

◎Damage caused by failure to comply with applicable safety regulations.

◎Damaged by transportation, lost or stolen.

◎Damage or failure not caused by product quality.

◎Damage caused by misuse or improper storage, operation, commissioning or

modification of the product, failure to comply with the equipment instruction manual,

maintenance procedures and time intervals.

◎Damage caused by live installation wiring, or misuse of tools.

◎Damage caused by opening, repairing, processing, replacement, installation or

commissioning by an unauthorized or certified distributor or installer, or by any negligent,

reckless or intentional act of a third party.

◎Damage caused by product operating environment beyond normal temperature

(-10°C - 50°C).

◎Damage or failure caused by improper installation position (such as the distance

from the wall does not meet the installation requirements of the product manual, the

exterior of the box is subject to corrosion, dust pollution and water ingress due to being

placed outdoors, or exposed to coastal/salt water or other corrosive environmental


◎Damage caused by the risk of the installation location, such as the storage place of

flammable and explosive products, high humidity area (humidity over 85% without

condensation, long-term water accumulation area).

◎Damaged due to purchase of product accessories or consumables from

unauthorized agencies.

◎Natural wear and tear and long-term idle for more than 6 months cause the battery

to lose power.

◎Damage caused by customer's refusal to provide product installation, debugging, 4

operation, installation environment and fault information.

◎Damage as a result of force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters,

fires, floods, earthquake, lightning strike, lightning and war).

◎All other environments and behaviors that may damage the normal use of the


5.Extension of the Warranty Period

For products beyond the warranty period, Lenercom can still provide related services,

but all the costs and expenses shall be borne by the customer (see website for details),

including but not limited to:

◎On-site service fee: It includes the travel and working hours of the technicians who

deal with the problem on site.

◎Parts/materials fee: cost of replacement parts/materials (including any shipping/admin fee

that may apply).

◎Labour fee: The labor cost of technicians includes testing, repair, maintenance,

installation (hardware or software) and debugging of faulty products.

◎Logistics fee: cost of delivery and any other expenses incurred when defective products

are sent from the user to Lenercom or/and repaired products are sent from Lenercom to

the user.

6.Other terms

Purchase invoices/contract/record should be properly kept as a basis for repairs.

The warranty terms are the only express warranty terms of Lenercom for the LC-E2 series

products, and there are no other express, implied, oral or written warranties.

Warranty is not to be understood as a guarantee of the service life of the product or the

availability of products of the same type.

During the warranty period, Lenercom is responsible for the maintenance and testing labour

costs and the required material costs, and does not bear other costs.

Unless otherwise provided in the separate service agreement between Lenercom and the

customer, this agreement shall prevail.

7.Contact Information


Telephone/Fax: +86 731-88051567

Service Mailbox: [email protected]


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